Mr. Rakesh Jain - Director

Mr. Rakesh JainTeam chairman at Oystra Concepts, Mr. Jain (Master of Commerce from Delhi School of Economics) is a Master of many trades. Be it in the Manufacturing Sector, Trading or Service Industry, he has done it all in the successful capture of the huge market of Export of Home Decor Products . It was his passion for creativity that led him to give birth to the CURIO group. From a humble start 17 years ago in a small premise, he has expanded the empire to take up mass scale manufacturing and proudly built a fully certified factory spread over 60,000 sq.ft.

Mr. Jain's ambitions continue to grow, and after continued dialogue and support from DuPont India, he has taken his initiatives of Interior solutions one step further and setup a largely professional team to service all the customers’ needs of Solid Surfaces. We believe his experience & positive approach will tremendously encourage us achieving bigger goals.

Although a workaholic, on a lazy day you will find him reading a good book, watching TV and old classics, monitoring the stock market or just enjoying a small drink.


Sambhav Jain - Executive Director

FullSizeRender Coming from a family background of great business (The Curio Group) spanning 20 years in the   trading, manufacturing and export sector, a mechanical engineer and an IIT-Bombay certified Supply Chain Manager by qualification; Sambhav is a fun loving guy who likes to live life to the fullest and gets high on taking problems and opportunities as personal challenges. With a "Give it a shot" and "attention to detail" attitude, he has kickstarted Oystra with a basic motto of fulfilling the industry needs with a modern and professional approach. Sambhav's hobbies are reading, gadgets, traveling, golf and the latest addition - HD movies.

He likes to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and management practices of the industry (he's an avid blogger), in-turn helping Oystra to never stagnate in its policies, products or services. A person with high aspirations but down-to-earth at the same time, the customer is guaranteed an overall memorable experience in dealing with him and Oystra.